Agastache cana 'Heather Queen' | Hyssop Seeds

Deutscher Name:

Agastache is an aromatic, herbaceous perennial plant that is known by its common names of Giant Hyssop, Hummingbird Plant, Purple Giant Hyssop, Mexican Hyssop, Bee Balm, Hummingbird Mint, Anise Mint, Fragrant Giant Hyssop and Mosquito Plant. It has beautiful flower spires that bloom all season long. 

It has a long history of medicinal use by Native Americans and has many benefits to offer in the garden including attracting pollinators and beneficial insects. There are several different types (species) of Agastache. Some can help repel mosquitos (A. cana) and others can be used in teas. The plants are generally pest and disease free.

Agastache are drought-resistant plants that can grow well in many different climates. The flowers of agastache plants attract hummingbirds and butterflies which make them a good choice for an ornamental plant in your garden or on your porch. 

USES: Containers, Perennial borders, Cut flower gardens, Butterfly gardens, Hummingbird gardens, Woodland garden, Wildflower gardens, Beds, Herb gardens, Prairie gardens

TOLERATES: Drought, Deer, Rabbits, Heat

Botanical Name: Agastache cana ‘Heather Queen’

Common Name: Wild Hyssop, Hummingbird Mint, Anise hyssop, Mosquito Plant

Type: Perennial

Flower Color: Fashionable heather-lilac flowers that are very showy and aromatic. Flowers the first year.

Flowering Time: July to November

Plant Height: 33 inches (85cm)

Plant Width: 12-24 inches

Light Requirements: Full Sun

Water Requirements: Average / Dry

Soil Requirements: Well drained soil

USDA Zone: 5-10

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