Moluccella Seeds

Moluccella, commonly known as Bells of Ireland, is an annual plant that produces tall, upright stems adorned with clusters of small, bell-shaped flowers. Despite its name, this plant is actually native to Turkey and Syria, but it has become a popular garden plant in many parts of the world.

Bells of Ireland are highly valued for their unique appearance and bright green color. They are a great choice for adding height and texture to gardens, and their long stems make them ideal for use in cut flower arrangements. Additionally, Bells of Ireland are highly attractive to bees and butterflies, making them a great choice for anyone interested in supporting local wildlife.

In the garden, Bells of Ireland seeds are best planted in early spring, in a location that receives full sun to partial shade. They are relatively easy to grow and require little maintenance, making them a great choice for novice and experienced gardeners alike.

Overall, Moluccella, or Bells of Ireland, seeds are an excellent investment for anyone looking to add a unique and eye-catching plant to their landscape. Their distinctive appearance, long stems, and hardiness make them a versatile addition to any garden, while their ability to attract pollinators and provide long-lasting cut flowers makes them a valuable asset for any gardener.