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Aquilegia, more commonly known as Alpine Columbine, Rocky Mountain columbine, Canada columbine, Yellow columbine, Fan columbine, Columbine or Granny’s Bonnet are graceful, clump-forming, perennials, grown for their mainly bell-shaped, spurred (0.39-5 in. / 1-15cm), sometimes double flowers in spring and summer. Usually found in meadows, woodlands and higher altitudes. Propagate seeds in fall or spring. Some butterflies and moths use the plants as food. It's a major food source for Bombus hortorum, a species of bumblebee. All columbines self seed profusely and hybridize freely. When grown in isolation, A. vulgaris ‘Nivea’, ‘Nora Barlow’ and Vervaeneana Group cultivars produce a good proportion of true seedlings. Seeds of alpine species may take up to 2 years to germinate. Some varieties are short lived and better treated as biennials.

USES: Alpine and rock gardens, Woodland gardens, Bee, hummingbird and butterfly gardens, Wildflower gardens, Attracts hawk moths, Seeds are consumed by finches and buntings, Containers, Perennial gardens, Cut Flowers, Landscaping, Open shade gardens

Botanical Name: Aquilegia vulgaris ‘Black Barlow’

Common Name: European columbine, Granny's bonnet, Columbine

Type: Upright Perennial

Flower Color: Numerous, double pompom dark, burgundy-black 2 in. spurless blooms

Foliage Color: Mid green ½-1 ½ in. (1-4cm) long

Flowering Time: May to June

Plant Height: 28 - 30 in. (71 - 76cm)

Plant Width: 16 - 20 in. (41 - 51cm)

Plant Spacing: 14 - 20 in. (36 - 51cm)

Light Requirements: Full sun to Partial shade

Water Requirements: Average / Moist

Soil Requirements: Well drained, fertile soil

USDA Zone: 3-8

AHS Heat Zone: 8-1

Misc: The first Aquilegia series with fully double, spurless flowers, the highly uniform plants produce 3 to 5 stems in the first year and 5 to 10 stems in the second year.

Sowing Instructions (Cliff Notes Version): Sow seed in containers in spring at 68°F (20°C).

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