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Campanula syn. Azorina, commonly known as Bellflower, Ivory bells, Bearded bellflower, Fairies’ thimbles, Adriatic bellflower, Clustered bellflower, Falling stars, Italian bellflower, Star of Bethlehem, Milky bellflower, Canterbury bells, Cup and Saucer, Peach-leaved bellflower, Dalmatian bellflower, Chimney bellflower, Bluebell, Harebell, Bats in the belfry, Nettle leaved bellflower, Coventry Bells, Throatwort are annuals, biennials and perennials, some of which are evergreen. They are widely distributed throughout the temperate zones of the N. hemisphere, particularly in S. Europe and Turkey. Grows in diverse habitats from high alpine rock crevices and scree to moorland, meadows and woodland. Most are easily cultivated and provide a long flowering display from late spring to late summer. Campanulas vary in habit from mat forming, dwarf perennials to herbaceous species that grow up to 6 ft. (2m) tall. 

Dwarf campanulas are ideal for a rock garden or alpine house. Many grow well on a wall or sunny bank. Where not hardy, grow under glass in soil-based potting mix, in bright filtered light with good ventilation. 

USES: Alpine gardens, Meadow gardens, Walls, Woodland gardens, Rock gardens, Mixed or herbaceous borders, Wildflower gardens, Woodland gardens, Perennial gardens, Cottage gardens, English gardens, Patios, Walkways, Children’s Garden, Mass Plantings, Bee keepers use the plants for making honey

TOLERATES: Deer, Rabbits

Botanical Name: Campanula medium ‘Single Blue’

Common Name: Canterbury Bells, Cup & Saucer, Coventry Bells, Marienglockenblume

Type: Clump forming Perennial

Flower Color: Bell shaped, blue flowers 1-1 ½ in. (2.5-4cm). Mid green leaves 5-6 in. (12-15cm) long. 

Flowering Time: Spring to summer

Plant Height: 24-36 in. (60-90cm)

Plant Width: 12 in. (30cm)

Light Requirements: Full Sun. Partial shade in hot summers. 

Water Requirements: Moist

Soil Requirements: Fertile / Neutral to Alkaline / Well drained soil

USDA Zone: 5-8

AHS Heat Zone: 8-5

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