Chrysanthemum carinatum 'Rainbow Mix' | Tricolored Painted Daisy Flower Seeds

Deutscher Name:
Bunte Margerite Mischung
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Chrysanthemum, also known as Dendranthema, Rhodanthemum, Leucanthemum, Tanacetum, Leucanthemella or Leucanthemopsis, sometimes called Mums or Chrysanths are upright, bushy annuals and herbaceous perennials (some with woody bases). Annuals come from the Mediterranean region where they grow in dry fields and wasteland. The herbaceous perennials are from the Arctic, parts of N. and C. Russia, China and Japan. Chrysanthemums are divided into 3 groups: Exhibition, Rubellum and Garden. Fragrant dark green leaves are 2-7 in. (5-18cm) long and often feathery. Chrysanthemums are grown primarily for their showy flowerheads which range from 1-12 in. (2.5-30cm) across. Flowers consist of a variety of colors including yellow, bronze, white, pink, purple, red, bicolors etc. The height of most types depends on fertility and pruning practices. Water freely in dry weather and apply a balanced liquid fertilizer every 7-10 days from midsummer until buds begin to show color. Crowns can be stored over winter in a soilless potting mix in frost free conditions. Several types of Chrysanthemum species contain pyrethrin compounds and are commonly grown as “companion plants'' in organic farming to repel insects from susceptible ornamental or edible plants. No serious pests problems or disease.

USES: Indoor decoration, Exhibition, Bonsai plants, Trailed as fans, pillars, pyramids or cascades, Outdoor borders, Herbaceous borders, Cut flowers, Houseplants, Containers, Wildflower gardens, Natural insect repellent, Butterfly gardens, Landscaping, Beds, Rock gardens, Cottage gardens, Mass plantings, Coastal, Patio

TOLERATES: Deer, Drought, Salt

Botanical Name: Chrysanthemum carinatum ‘Rainbow Mix’

Common Name: Painted Daisy, Persian Insect Flower, Pyrethrum, Pyrethrum Daisy, Tricolored Painted Daisy, Bunte Margerite Mischung

Synonym: C. coccineum, C. marschallii, C. roseum, Pyrethrum coccineum, Pyrethrum roseum

Type: Erect, fast growing, long, stiff-stemmed branched Annual

Flower Color: Bi and tri colored, daisy-like flowers with purple centers up to 4 in. (10cm) across. 

Foliage Color: Bright green leaves to 4 in. (10cm) long

Flowering Time: Summer to Autumn

Plant Height: 24 in. (60cm)

Plant Width: 12 in. (30cm)

Light Requirements: Full Sun to Partial Shade

Water Requirements: Moist

Soil Requirements: Moderately fertile / Sandy / Loamy, well drained soil

Soil pH: Acid (<6.0), Alkaline (>8.0), Neutral (6.0-8.0)

USDA Zone: 3a-7a

Sowing Instructions (Cliff Notes Version): Sow seed in containers in a cold frame in early spring, or on site from spring to early summer; in frost free areas, sow on site in autumn for early flowering

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