Consolida ajacis ‘Giant Imperial Lilac Spire’ | Giant Larkspur Flower Seeds

Deutscher Name:
Rittersporn Prachtmischung
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Consolida syn. C. ajacis, C. ambigua, Delphinium consolida, commonly known as Larkspur,  Giant larkspur, Rocket larkspur, Knight’s Spur are erect, slender stemmed annuals, closely related to and sometimes included in the genus Delphinium. Larkspurs occur in fallow fields and on stony slopes and steppes in SE Europe and from the W. Mediterranean region to C. Asia. Leaves are deep to dark green. Spurred, delphinium-like, open to densely packed spikes up to 24 in. (60cm) of single or double flowers in rich tones or pastel shades of pink, white or violet-blue are produced in summer. Grows anywhere from 1-4 ft. (30-120cm) with a width of 9-12 in. (23-30cm). Taller plants provide long lasting cut flowers. Low maintenance. 

USES: Cut flowers, Dried flowers, Cottage gardens, Annual borders, Beds


Botanical Name: Consolida ajacis ‘Giant Imperial Lilac Spire’

Common Name: Giant larkspur, Rittersporn Prachtmischung

Type: Annual

Flower Color: Branch strongly from the bases. Long, straight stems with double lilac flowers

Flowering Time: Summer

Plant Height: 24-36 in. (60-90cm)

Plant Width: 14 in. (35cm)

Light Requirements: Full Sun

Water Requirements: Water freely in dry weather

Soil Requirements: Light, fertile, well drained soil

AHS Heat Zone: 9-1

Misc: Seeds are poisonous

Sowing Instructions (Cliff Notes Version): Sow seed on site from early spring to early summer, or in autumn with protection where marginally hardy

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