Lagurus ovatus Bunny Tails Ornamental Grass Seeds

Deutscher Name:
Ziergrassamen, Hasenschwanzgras
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Lagurus ovatus, also known as Bunny Tails, is an ornamental grass that produces fluffy seed heads resembling the tails of bunnies. Create a beautiful and unique landscape in your garden.

Lagurus also known as Hare’s Tail, Hare’s Tail Grass, Rabbit Tail Grass or Bunny Tails is an annual ornamental plant found on maritime sands on the Mediterranean coast of S. Europe. Valued for the effect of its ornamental flowerheads in summer. Pick them before they fully mature for drying. Pests and diseases are infrequent. Self seeds.

USES: Mass plantings, Herbaceous or mixed borders, Fresh or dried flowers, Containers, Flower can be dyed for floral arrangements


Botanical Name: Lagurus ovatus Bunny Tails

Common Name: Hare’s Tail Grass, Ziergrassamen, Hasenschwanzgras

Type: Tuft-forming Annual Ornamental Grass

Flower Color: Dense, egg-shaped soft panicles of white flowers 2 ½ in. (6cm) long that looks like a bunny's tail

Flowering Time: Early summer to fall

Plant Height: 20 in. (50cm)

Plant Width: 12 in. (30cm)

Light Requirements: Full Sun

Water Requirements: Average

Soil Requirements: Light, ideally sandy, moderately fertile, well drained soil

USDA Zone: 4a-10a

AHS Heat Zone: 12-1

Sowing Instructions (Cliff Notes Version): Sow seed on site in spring, or in containers in a cold frame in autumn. 

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