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Agrostemma or more commonly known as cockle, corn cockle, corncockles, slender corncockle are summer flowering annuals. Best grown in full sun; flowers best in very well drained soil that is not very fertile. Support with sticks and deadhead to prolong flowering. Its best-known member is A. githago syn A. gracilis, the common corncockle, which is a native of Europe that has naturalized in most of the USA. Depending on the species, the flowers are usually saucer shaped, 1-1.5 inches (3-4cm) and have 5 pink to purple petals that bloom all summer. Unfortunately the plant is becoming rarer due to modern farming practices. Self seeds. 

USES: Cottage gardens, Cut flowers, Wildflower gardens, English gardens, Bee and Butterfly gardens, Meadow gardens

Botanical Name: Agrostemma gracilis syn. A. brachyloba ‘Queen Formula Mix’

Common Name: Narrow Corncockle

Type: Annual

Flower Color: Shades of light to dark pink, violet and white.

Flowering Time: June to September

Plant Height: 4 ft. (130cm)

Plant Spacing: 9 to 12 inches (25-30cm)

Light Requirements: Full Sun

Water Requirements: Moderate

Soil Requirements: Poor / Loamy / Sandy, well drained soil

AHS Heat Zone: 9-1

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