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Asarina aka Lophospermum commonly known as twining snapdragon, violet twining snapdragon, chickabiddy, creeping gloxinia, climbing snapdragon, trailing snapdragon are twining, sprawling or climbing, woody-based herbaceous perennial climbers found in rocky areas and woodland in Mexico and Central America. Grows to a height of 6-11 ft. (2-3m) with a spread of 3-6 ft. (91-182cm). Flowers are trumpet shaped in white, pink, light purple, dark purple with green or whitish throat 2-3 in. (5-7cm) long. Where winter hardy, plants will self seed. Stems can climb up small trees or shrubs. Where not hardy, grow in a cool greenhouse or outdoors as annuals. Pollinated by hummingbirds. Pests and diseases are infrequent.

USES: Hummingbird gardens, Containers, Trellis, Arbors, Ornamental, Hanging baskets, Cascade over stone walls, Groundcover

Botanical Name: Asarina scandens ‘Formula Mix’

Common Name: Twining snapdragon, Climbing snapdragon

Synonym: Lophospermum scandens, Maurandya

Type: Perennial Vine

Flower Color: A mix of 5 colors with 2 in (5cm) flowers

Flowering Time: May to October

Plant Height: 11 ft. (350cm)

Plant Width: 5 ft. (152cm)

Light Requirements: Full sun to partial shade

Water Requirements: Moist. Keep moist in winter.

Soil Requirements: Well drained, moderately fertile soil.

USDA Zone: 9-10 (grow as an annual in other zones)

AHS Heat Zone: 10-9

Sowing Instructions (Cliff Notes Version): Sow seed at 64-68°F (18-20°C) in spring in a soil based potting mix in full light with shade from the hot sun, or in bright filtered light. Water freely in growth. Apply a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly.

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