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Callistephus commonly known as China aster, Annual aster is an erect, bushy, fast-growing annual from stony slopes, wasteland and cultivated fields in China. The flowers are daisy-like, single, semi double or double up to 3-5 in. across (7-13cm) sometimes with quilled ray florets, mainly in shades of purple, violet blue, but also in crimson, rose-pink, white or occasionally yellow. Leaves are mid-green to 3 in. long (8cm). Flowers from late summer to autumn. In frost free sites they will bloom until midwinter. Low maintenance. Provides long lasting cut flowers. 

USES: Ornamental, Containers, Cut Flowers, Bedding, Annual or Informal Borders, Cottage gardens

Botanical Name: Callistephus chinensis ‘Starlight Blue’

Common Name: China Aster, Sommeraster

Type: Annual

Flower Color: Compact, large, feathery, spider like, light to deep purple-blue flowers. 

Flowering Time: July to September

Plant Height: 7.8 in. (20cm)

Plant Width: 7.8 in. (20cm)

Light Requirements: Full sun in a sheltered site

Water Requirements: Moist / Water in dry periods

Soil Requirements: Fertile / Neutral to Alkaline. Well drained soil

AHS Heat Zone: 9-1

Sowing Instructions (Cliff Notes Version): Sow seeds at 61°F (16°C) in early spring, or on site in mid spring, in succession for an extended period of bloom. Sow seed for autumn flowering container plants in early summer.