Phlox drummondii 'Beauty Moody Blues' Flower Seeds

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Phlox commonly known as Carolina phlox, Sand phlox, Blue phlox, Wild sweet william, Woodland phlox, Annual phlox, Smooth phlox, Meadow phlox, Santa Fe phlox, Garden phlox are evergreen or herbaceous, low growing or cushion forming, erect perennials as well as a few annuals and shrubs found mostly in North America. They are grown for their showy flowers. The leaves are light to dark green. Mat and cushion forming plants from dry and rocky habitats flower in spring or early summer. Woodland species are mainly trailing and usually flower in spring; grow in shady sites. The taller phlox are mostly from moist riverside habitats and produce large flowers, usually in midsummer. Annuals from dry rocky slopes and coastal sands, flower from late spring to autumn. Many are fragrant, come in a variety of colors and bloom for a long season. Will frequently reseed in favorable conditions.

USES: Rock gardens, Alpine garden, Wall, Edging, Woodland garden, Shade garden, Cutting garden, Riverside garden, Cut flowers, Beds, Borders, Containers, Mixed planting, Groundcover, Fill spaces under trees, Butterfly / Hummingbird / Songbird gardens, Coastal garden, Slopes/banks, Small spaces, Mass plantings

TOLERATES: Black walnut, Deer, Drought, Heat, Pollution, Erosion

Botanical Name: Phlox drummondii ‘Beauty Moody Blues’

Series: Dwarf Beauty Series

Common Name: Annual Phlox, Drummond Phlox, Pride of Texas, Texas Belle, Flammenblume

Type: Erect, spreading, bushy, early flowering Annual

Flower Color: Abundant, very large flowers in shades of Blue 1 ¼ in. (3cm) or more across

Flowering Time: July to September

Plant Height: 14 in. (35cm)

Plant Width: 16 in. (40cm) or more

Light Requirements: Full sun

Water Requirements: Average / Dry

Soil Requirements: Fertile, well drained soil

AHS Heat Zone: 12-1

Sowing Instructions (Cliff Notes Version): Sow seed at 55-64°F (13-18°C) in early spring

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