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Dianthus commonly called Carnations, Pinks, Sweet William, Mt. Taurus Pink, Carthusian pink, Wild carnation, China pink, Cheddar pinks, Clove pinks, Eastern star, Gillyflowers, Indian pink, Maiden pink, Rock Garden pink, Gallic pink, Antique border pink, Modern border pink are mostly evergreen, low growing subshrubs, annuals and biennials from the mountains and meadows of South, Central and Eastern Europe, N. Asia to Japan, plus one species native to North America. Tens of thousands of cultivars have been bred for garden use and commercial greenhouse production. Divided into several subgroups: Border carnations, Perpetual flowering carnations, Border pinks, Rock garden pinks, China pinks and their hybrids, Clusterhead pinks and Species pinks. Hardiness varies widely. Where frost penetration is typically deep and snow cover variable, apply a loose winter covering of evergreen boughs. Good drainage and air circulation also helps. Heat and humidity tolerance is as important as cold hardiness, which is why many pinks grow poorly from Z9 south. Heat hardiness can be extended by using tender perennials as annuals and providing protection from the afternoon sun. Poor drainage, especially standing water in winter, is the primary source of failure in Dianthus cultivation. Flowers are generally fragrant and foliage is usually gray/green or blue/green 2-3 in. (5-7cm) long.

USES: Mass plantings, Rock garden, Flower border, Formal & informal garden, Herb garden, Bee and butterfly gardens, Attracts other insect pollinators, Perennial gardens, Houseplant, Cut flowers, Containers, Hanging baskets, Patio, Rock Wall, Slope / Banks, Small spaces, Walkways, Cottage garden, Asian garden, Drought tolerant garden

TOLERATES: Some shade, Drought, Deer, Pollution, Urban Conditions

Botanical Name: Dianthus ‘Loveliness’ syn. D. Rainbow Loveliness Strain

Common Name: Border pinks (Modern border pink group)

Type: Evergreen, compact mounding Perennial

Flower Color: Long flowering, often with multiple flushes of blooms bearing deep fringed, very sweet scented, single flowers 1 ½ in. (4cm) across in white, pink, deep pink-rose with contrasting edges. 

Flowering Time: May to October

Plant Height: 15 in. (38cm)

Plant Width: 15 in. (38cm)

Light Requirements: Full sun (protect from direct sun)

Water Requirements: Occasionally dry

Soil Requirements: Well drained, neutral to slightly alkaline soil

USDA Zone: 3-9

AHS Heat Zone: 9-1

Misc: Blooms the first year from seed.

Sowing Instructions (Cliff Notes Version): Sow seed of annuals, biennials, and rock garden species in containers in a cold frame from autumn to early spring. Sow seed of annuals at 55-59°F (13-15°C) in early spring. Sow biennials on site to flower the following year.

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