Lagerstroemia speciosa | Queen's Crape Myrtle | Pride of India Tree Seeds

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Botanical Name: Lagerstroemia speciosa

Common Name: Giant crape myrtle, Pride of India, Queen’s crape myrtle, Königinblume

Type: Spreading, freely branching, evergreen tree with peeling, light brown bark

Flower Color: Masses of pink, mauve, purple or white flowers up to 3 in (5 cm) wide and 16 in (40 cm) long clusters

Foliage: 3-8 in (8-20 cm) long leaves are gray green above and sepia-flushed beneath

Flowering Time: Spring to Autumn

Plant Height: 30-78 ft (10-24 m)

Plant Width: 15-30 ft (5-10 m)

Light Requirements: Full Sun

Water Requirements: During the growing season, water freely. Water sparingly at other times. 

Soil Requirements: Moderately fertile, well drained soil

USDA Zone: 9-10

AHS Heat Zone: 10-9

Sowing Instructions (Cliff Notes Version): Sow seed at 50-55 F (10-13 C) in spring. Under glass, grow in a soil-based potting mix in full light. During the growing season, water freely and apply a balanced liquid fertilizer every 6-8 weeks; water sparingly at other times. Where marginally hardy, grow against a warm, sunny wall or overwinter in a cool or temperate greenhouse. In warmer climates, grow as specimens, in group plantings or as a hedge or screen.

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